Influencer Marketing is Easy Now

Streamline & automate all aspects


Search & Onboard influencers. Measure ROI to find your all-star team.


Ditch long email chains, spreadsheets. Automate order & discount code creation.

True ROI

ROI including shipping costs, product costs, and commissions.

Low-Risk pricing

You’re not ready to commit to a platform that’s thousands per month, with a year commitment

Influencer marketing can be painful. We’re here to help.

60 day Free Trial. Dedicated support

Our plans start at just $97 per month

Our goal: for you to turn a profit before you pay.
And to fix any issues you have within 24 hours
Let’s win together.

Onboard content creators from anywhere

Search & Filter the entire internet. Browse audience demographics & more to find your ideal creators

Search all of Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
Landing pages matching your brand. With custom domain, logo & form fields, capture the information you need up front to qualify leads.
Allow creators to select their own products & agree to terms before accepting your offer

Communicate with ease.

All your outbound & inbound messages are tracked

Send emails & sequences through the platform
Email sequences with tracked opens, clicks, to move your creators through the pipeline with minimal input
View tasks & timelines so you always know what to do.

Rich Influencer Data

We scrape data you can't get on your own, along with contact info

Search by audience, demographics, interests, and engagement
See lookalike profiles that correspond with your best creators
Verified emails

Stop wasting money on bad influencers

Measure true ROI with all-inclusive costs

Shipping, product costs, commissions matter
See your true ROI above and beyond normal affiliate platforms
Double down on your best creators

One-click payments

Pay in bulk with PayPal

Send fixed payments or affiliate commission with ease
No additional fees
Use your existing PayPal account

Built for Shopify

We integrate with Shopify for a fully automated experience

No more collecting addresses. Automate gift order generation & order tagging.
We generate discount codes, affiliate commissions & payments for you too.
Influencers can choose their own products and sizes

Everything in One Place

A Done-For-You Sytem

Traditional Tech Stack
(Performance tracking)
(Affiliate software)
(Project Management)
(Project Management)

Launch your content creator & influencer funnel now

Get started with a 60 day Free Trial on PartnerUp
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