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Last Updated: 08/15/13

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Partner Up is a ranch located in Orlando, Florida, specializing in breeding  Gypsy Vanner Horses.

There are many Gypsy horse/Vanner breeders in our country now . . . so why should you buy one of our Gypsy Vanner horses? A combination of things, actually.  We not only imprint our foals, but work with them daily from the time they are born.  By the time the babies are weaned, they are as respectful and quiet as any of our mature Gypsy Vanner horses. Using natural horsemanship develops a bond with the foals like no other  We truly make each baby feel special and loved, yet respectful of us, as well, from day one!   When it is time to start riding, given the Gypsy horse's quiet and trusting nature, along with the start in life they get here at Partner Up,  it is a "no drama" event!   You will have a quiet trail/riding horse, family horse, or show horse for the duration of his/her life, providing you give the same respect and love he/she will give to you.

We breed our horses for the combination of things the Gypsy Vanner Horse was intended to have---a great mind, quiet temperament, nice head and ears, good conformation and tons of hair, as well as a variety of color.

Leslie also  trains horses of all types using natural horsemanship methods.  Leslie is concentrating on helping humans communicate better with their horses, improving their relationship and helping horses understand what it is that we, as humans, expect.  Leslie's goal as a trainer is to not only develop a safe and successful training program for the horse in need but also create a program that helps humans better understand the ways of the horse.  They, after all, do not speak human!   Leslie is certified in methods proven by top trainers, but her most valuable education has been her more than 10 years of experience working with all ages and breeds successfully.  If you truly want the best for your horse in training and care and are serious about learning more yourself to become a better horse owner, this is the place for you;
and Leslie is dedicated to helping you and your horse Partner Up.

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